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Wording for Wedding Invitations

It sounds complicated, but it's pretty easy! Key information to include:

  • Who's hosting (could be your parents, both sets of parents, you, or some combination!)
  • Your names - usually first, middle and last
  • What your event is - wedding, marriage, commitment ceremony, unity ceremony, etc
  • The date and time
  • The location - name of the venue and the city 

    Optional information (can also be included on enclosure or information cards for your guests):

    • Wedding website
    • Address of the event location 
    • Accommodations or travel details
    • Additional events
    • Directions 


    Please, please, please don't include:

    • Gift registry information -- it's tacky, trust us. As my mom says, "begging is begging."


    Here at Marry Moment we want to make ordering your wedding invitations as easy as possible so if you can't figure out what to say, just submit your order with the key information above and we'll work it into your invitations! Click on the check box for help with wording to ensure we see it, but we're so picky we'll probably ask you if we can provide wording suggestions anyway.