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Coming soon… wedding invitations for the millions of almost-marrieds out there who aren’t DIY brides or craft-y. (Or, at least, who don’t want to trouble their friends, family, coworkers, pet turtles, and random strangers with favors that cannot be repaid for the “most important day” of their lives.) We don’t believe in the hype of traditional wedding vendors, but we do believe that weddings are personal, significant celebrations.

We’ll start with offering wedding invitations and other wedding stationery and may expand beyond that. Exactly how, we’re still not sure. marrymoment is a work-in-progress, just like pretty much everything in life, so come along, stay for the ride, and let us know what you’re missing in your wedding planning process!

About marrymoment

We're a brand-new wedding invitations site. We'd like to do things a little differently, shake things up, so if we can do anything to help you with your wedding planning, please let us know!
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